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Instructors at KotN 2020 will include:

Peter Frank

Peter has been practising historical fencing since 2009 and been a trainer at Die Freifechter in Cologne ( since 2011. He mostly focused on British military fencing, but is also interested in fencing with the Langes Messer, rapier, Klewang and bayonet-fencing with carbine and rifle, or a combination of all of these.
He has regularly been giving lessons in Germany, The Netherlands, France and the UK since  2017, mostly about sabre and bayonet fencing.

In my class I mostly just want participants to experience some of the chaos that even small scale skirmishes bring to the table, in contrast to the mostly partner based training we in HEMA often do.
The schedule is flexible and depends a little on how many participate and what weapons we want to use, but it ranges from simple group engagements to last one standing, to light objective based work like defusing a cannon or holding a position. We will also have a look at how group engagements were trained historically, based on a Dutch source form 1937, the VOVBW.
As group engagements can be a chaotic affair, full sparing gear is required for participating, i.e. Jacket, throat protection, mask with back of the head protection, good gloves, cup, padded pants and shin-guards.


Oliver Janseps

Oliver is the head instructor of Mispeldorn – Historische Kampfkünste in Germany. He started H.E.M.A. around 2004 with a focus on polearms. Since 2013 his focus shifted to the classical fencing theories of the 19th century. The main source of his training is the “Theoretisch- praktische Anleitung des Hau; Stoßfechtens” by F.C. Christmann, which includes sabre, smallsword, groupfighting, bayonet, staff and self defence with the walking stick.

In 2015 he started training “Bastone Genovese”, the traditional martial arts of Genova with the walking stick, knife, two-handed staff and began researching their Genuese ancestors such as rapier, spadroon, sabre and bayonet. He has taught at various events through Germany.

Class description: F.C. Christmann was a fencing master in Post-Napoleonic Germany. He created a system of French-German cut- and thrustfencing with the sabre, which he taught at the army. The appendix of his manual also contains a chapter on the use of the Baton (French for a twohanded staff). During and after this Post-Napoleonic period the Baton was used for gymnastics in the French army. It follows the principles of 19th century fencing, as did Christmann. In his exercises with the Baton he focuses on the fight against many. We will have a look at the main exercises, the footwork and solo drills.

When this workshop is done you will know the principles of fighting with a Baton, how to use it and how to bring it into practice with partners or opponents. Ideally you will need a staff of ash with 2.5-3.0 cm in diameter which will reach your chin. But a simply broomstick (150cm+) will do the job just as well at this class.


Ethan Bateman

Pole Dancing
An introduction to the system of Polish sabre fencing according to Michał Starzewski’s text “On Fencing” (circa 1830). Starzewski attempts to blend the Old School of Polish fencing with more contemporary styles from his time, and for anyone interested in sabre from Eastern Europe, it is an essential text to look into.
Students will require: Fencing mask Gloves Light arm guards (advised, but not essential) Sabre (obviously), or appropriate simulator
Beginning his training in HEMA in 2009, at the age of 14, Ethan Bateman has followed his zeal for Historical Martial Arts for nine years under the tutelage of Hotspur School of Defence Marshal, Robert Brooks. During his training in Medieval combat with the HSD, Ethan developed a keen interest in later styles of fencing, particularly classical Eastern European sabre, military sabre and smallsword.
Lately, he has been studying classical pugilism with the York School of Defence, whilst researching various forms of sabre in his own time. In early 2015, at the age of just 19, Ethan achieved his British Federation for Historical Swordplay (BFHS) Instructor Level 1 qualification, leading a lesson on the use of the Polish sabre according to Michał Starzewski.


Nick Thomas





Anouk Post



Duncan McEvoy

pedro schola

Pedro San Miguel


Susan Kirk

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