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At Kings of the North this year, we are going to be expanding our range of traders, bringing a wide variety of antiques for sale and trade.

Below are the traders currently signed up for KotN.

Smith’s Antique Arms

Lords, Ladies… And would be Usurpers! Smith’s Antique Arms will be attending this year’s event with a selection of military swords and sabres to give your fencing a bit of history!

I will also be offering a commission sales service so if you have anything you would like to sell, drop me a message for more information.

Thierry Flekier-Wathan

Swordsmen, swordswomen, sabreurs and even spadrooners, for Kings Of The North I will be bringing a selection of swords to buy or trade, specifically 18th and 19th centaury swords that would have been used in the manuals and theatres of war being studied and KOTN!

As well as swords for sale I will be bringing a selection of the more interesting historic swords from my own collection to be enjoyed for handling and twirling.

If there’s anything anyone wants to buy or even just play with give me a shout and I’ll bring it, if there’s anything you want to move on I might just take it off your hands. See you there!

Keep an eye out for further traders who will be announced very soon!

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